Residential Pest & Rodent Control

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If you have ever found yourself trying to figure out how to get rid of fruit flies, how to get rid of wasps, or how to eliminate other household insect pests, you may be in need of Affordable Pest Solutions Residential Pest & Rodent Control services. Insect control is achieved in 2 ways.

Our insect control process is achieved in two ways: a baseboard treatment of the interior of your home and a power pest control spray of the exterior of your home.

Interior Pest Control Spray - The interior pest control spray is a general insect treatment that is applied to the baseboards inside of the home. This consists of a light spray that won't harm your baseboards. The pest control spray itself is odorless, safe and doesn't leave any residue behind.

Exterior Pest Control Spray - The exterior pest control spray involves a power spray from the eves of your home to the ground. The exterior pest control spray is odorless, safe and won't harm your plants.

Rodent Control Services - Rodent Control is a process of baiting or trapping the rodents such as mice, rats, and voles. You will never again need to worry about how to get rid of mice, how to get rid of voles, or how to get rid of rats. With our rodent control services and expertise, we can take care of these troublesome critters for you!

At Affordable Pest Solutions, we understand your desire to keep your family and home pest free. For over 12 years, we have been providing effective, affordable pest control throughout Northeast Wisconsin - Green Bay, Appleton, New London. Our proven techniques and products offer you peace of mind knowing that the pests in and around your home are under control.