Pest and Rodent Control Product Safety Data Sheets

You will find in the Material Safety Data Sheets and the pdfs of our product labels, the ingredients in the exterminator products that we use. This information is valuable to all persons involved in the rodent repellent and rodent control process. We use EPA-approved products for our exterminator solutions.

Product Manufacturer EPA# SDS Labels
Alpine BASF 499-510 SDS Label
CB-80 FMC 279-3393 SDS Label
Contrac All Weather Blox Bell 12455-79 SDS Label
Contrac Bags Bell 12455-75 SDS Label
Demand CS Syngenta 100-1066 SDS Label
Drione Bayer 432-992 SDS Label
First Strike Lipha Tech 7173-258 SDS Label
Phantom BASF 241-392 SDS Label
Precor 2000 Zoecon 2724-490 SDS Label
Temprid Bayer 432-1483 SDS Label
Termidor SC BASF 7969-210 SDS Label
Tracking Powder Bayer 12455-56 SDS Label
Weatherblox Syngenta 100-1055 SDS Label